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Product Details

Men’s Round Neck or V-Neck or semi high neck or High neck Sweater, Long sleeve sweater or Vest:

Design: As per you buyer’s requirement.

Fabric can be 100% Cotton, Acrylic,50% Cotton+50% Acrylic, 50% Wool+50%Acrylic etc. Specially it depends on the requirement of our valued clients.

GSM can be 3GG-5GG-7GG-12GG or even 14GG.

We are much capable of both Manual and Jacquard design.

Any kind of stitch like: Basket weave stitch, Broken Rib Stitch, Butterfly Stitch, Cable Stitch, Diamond Stitch, Dropped Stitch, Embossed Knitting, Faggot Stitch, Garter Stitch, Hearts Lace Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Honeycomb Stitch, Jersey Stitch, Mesh Pattern Stitch, Milano Stitch, Moss Stitch, Pineapple Stitch, Pointele Stitch, Rib Stitch, Rice Stitch, Rickrack (Ric Rac) Rib Stitch, Ripple Stitch, Seed Stitch, Shaker Stitch, Textured Stripped Stitch, Tuck Stitch or Waffle Stitch – Depends of the requirement of clients.

Stripes/Patch/Embroidery or Print can be applied as per our valued clients’ demand.